Wide sandy beaches are, of course, the greatest attraction of the coastline. Numerous inflatable castles, balloons for jumping, water scooters, motorboats or slides will prevent you from getting bored. Lifeguard posts spaced out a few hundred meters off one another are on the careful watch for the safety of sun bathers and make sure every one is safe.
Here the bustle of life goes on unceasingly round the clock. Surely, during your stay in Pobierowo it is impossible for you to take advantage of the hospitality of all catering establishments along the street. Fried food bars, grills, ice cream parlours, pubs and discoes are to be found here- to your heart's content.

Tourists can enjoy their time here. Games, contests and aerobics are held here. You can play, do cheerleading and win valuable prizes. Pobierowo is a magnificent place for walks through pine forests. Walks along the sand dunes at sunset offer genuine rest for those seeking peace and calm. Once at the Rewal seaside, it is possible to admire the beautiful surroundings from bird's view perspective. The airstrip is located at the road to Niechorze. A flight ticket per person is about 50 zlotys.

As for the lovers of golf, we recommend a trip to neighbouring Lukęcin. The golf field offers 9 golf holes of varying degrees of difficulty plus 20 driving range and putting green stations. To enhance the golf adventure, Mini-golf, Bar and Grill establishments warrant relax for the entire family.

An excellent location for doing hangliding is to be found in between the villages of Rewal and Trzęsacz. It is an open cliff from which to watch hangliders or even try hangliding for yourself in favourable wind conditions.

In addition to that, in the village of Trzęsacz, there is a church of which only a part has remained intact up to now. The sea, systematically washing over the coastline, had been closing in on the temple which had to be closed down in mid XIX th century. As of today, only the south wall remained.



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